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Tarih: 25-10-2017 19:39:00 Güncelleme: 25-10-2017 19:49:00

The Western too anxious due to fact that “ he is moving the country ever further
from that path raises serious questions about whether Turkey can continue to be a
trusted member of NATO, which was founded as a security alliance based on common
values”. It seems they can not manage to control and shape the Turkish politics and
policy in a way to accommodate what could eventually make Turkey a Western
serving country. This why they are angry at the Turkey. The reason that make bear the
miracle is the expectation of the miracle. Turkey has a dream to be driving motive of
the global politics. The representation of collective expectation is the main reason why
Erdogan turned into invincible warrior. To the Western world Erdogan is a “une
question mal posée” a poorly asked question. Social necessities and centenary pains
of the exploited orient Muslims giving a path and momentum to the Erdogan. Annales
founder Braduel advice as to comprehend the history as long duration “longue durée”
which perceive the history a slow process of climate change may be imperceptible at a
given point in time but at present it is a sheer fact to all. Turkey current position is not
a sudden gift or irony of fate but a result of a long accumulated values and aspiration
of the nation. Western should understand that he unique emotion and perspective of
Muslims gives them a privilege to comprehend the history retrospective through their
collective memories.
The social cohesion and interdependency of the expectation of the common will has
constructed the social realm of the Erdogan. It was the mental tool of the community
and the conscience the sealed the leadership of him.
Western world is shaking in fear of losing their control on t he Muslims that once
deemed left over them by their ancestor. The neoliberal paradigm and its components
such as governance, new public management and their implementer IMF, WTO, WB,
EU is imposter global capitalism which is hungry for transferring their policy and
politics into Muslim world. Therefore if we allow western disrupt Turkey leadership
that means we're just playing into their hands. The neoliberal principles are pushed
on developing countries through the World Bank, which gives loans for development
projects that come attached with economic “conditionalities” by which used as a tool
for manipulating the economies of sovereign states. The World Trade Organization –
along with various bilateral Free Trade Agreements, such as NAFTA – also promotes
neoliberalism which have the effect of undermining local industry in poor countries.
None of these international western capitalist tool institutions are democratic. If poor
muslims countries and developing countries choose to disobey their rules that hurt
their economies, rich countries can retaliate with crushing sanctions and facing
political cahaos or public disorder and terrorism. But instead of helping poor
countries, as they were supposedly designed to do, neoliberal structural adjustment
policies have basically destroyed them. Erdogan is importand to dismantle the
western millennial exploitation of the muslims world.

“After all, if you do not resist the apparently inevitable, you will never know how
inevitable the inevitable was.” 1




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